IDIOM – running on fumes


(idiom) – having very low energy but continuing to go, do, or work**

Example #1:
Friend #1:  Are you still shopping?  It’s 9:00 at night and you started shopping at 6:00 this morning!
Friend #2:  I know.  I’m running on fumes now so I will probably stop very soon.

Example #2:
Mother:  Have you been studying all night long?  You must be very tired.  How can you keep your eyes open?
Son:  I don’t know.  I must be running on fumes because I am so tired but I must stay awake so I can take my English test.

Post your own examples of RUNNING ON FUMES in the comments section below.

You don’t have to worry about running on fumes while travelling with Language on Vacation.  We study and travel a lot, but we always get a good night’s sleep.

running on fumes

**the origin of “running on fumes” comes from cars. Cars need gasoline to work, but sometimes when there isn’t any liquid gasoline remaining, cars will continue to run for an extra mile on the gaseous fumes left in the fuel tank.

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