Flying WEST

It’s Friday and I am flying WEST from Albequerque to Seattle!

I just finished a 14-day tour from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone National Park through Cowboy Country to Mount Rushmore and then to Albuquerque to Seattle. It’s a fun itinerary and my guests see so much of the American countryside!

Do you want to improve your English while traveling through America’s countryside? Contact me and let’s learn a language while on vacation!

Try. Always try.

I studied Spanish in high school for three years. I am not fluent, but I still remember a lot of vocabulary from 20 years ago.
Last night, I was standing in line at a grocery store watching the cashier, who only spoke English, trying to explain a problem to the customer in front of me who only spoke Spanish.
I stepped in and used every Spanish word I could remember to help the situation. My Spanish grammar was poor and I used very basic vocabulary, but the Spanish-speaking woman was very appreciative for explaining the situation to her; so was the English-speaking cashier.

So my advice to you is to always try! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Always try to speak English with what you know. You can do it!!

Zion National Park

I visited a few national parks in October, but my favorite was Zion National Park.  It was so beautiful!  It’s amazing how these huge rock formations jut* out of the earth into huge mountains.  Standing at the bottom of the ravine, it’s awe-inspiring to look up and see the beautiful red colors of the mountains.  In the ravine, there are even more colors of green and gold and eventually red as the leaves will continue to change.

Zion National Park is a beautiful place to take pictures, go for a hike, and learn English while on vacation!

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*jut = (verb) to extend out, over, or beyond the main body or line of something (

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(noun, slang) – the front passenger seat of a car; most passengers prefer the front seat of a car and will yell out “SHOTGUN” to claim the front passenger seat.

Shotgun Website

Example #1:
Teacher: Today we are going to drive on California Highway 1. We are going to see beautiful views of the ocean and beaches.
Student #1: SHOTGUN!!!
Student #2: No! You sat in the front seat yesterday!

Example #2:
Mother: Okay kids, let’s drive to the grocery store to buy dinner.
Daughter: No! You had shotgun yesterday. I want shotgun today.

Post your own example of SHOTGUN in the comments section below.

When you travel with Language on Vacation, every student will receive a opportunity to ride shotgun.

TRAVEL – Best Photo of 2016


This was my favorite photo of 2016. It is a wonderful photo showing two people coming together in a simple act of respect. It’s what travel does to people. Travel brings people from different cultures together, and shows us we’re not actually all that different. We are all citizens of the world.

The Olympics brings the world together. It puts aside politics and lets camaraderie shine through sports. This is something I want to do with Language on Vacation. To bring people of the world together. To bring people together on a wonderful vacation in America. To join people from various countries of the world through mutual language, respect, and adventure.

Travel with Language on Vacation! Go on an adventure! Improve your English! Meet more travelers of the world! Make new friends!


TRAVEL – Countries to travel with English

Many people around the world speak English.  The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are some of the countries who use English as their primary language.  However, there are many other countries around the world that understand and speak English very well.

If you learn English, you will be able to travel all over the world and communicate with people from many, many countries!

Click here to read an article about 20 countries around the world that understand and speak the English language well.


Book a tour with Language on Vacation!  Travel to the United States and communicate with the American people!  Then you can travel to other countries of the world like the Netherlands, Singapore, and Argentina and communicate with the local people!

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TRAVEL – California: a good idea!

California is a wonderful place to travel! Language on Vacation’s West Coast tour will travel in California from San Francisco to Morro Bay to Los Angeles to San Diego (and then to Las Vegas in Nevada).

Sign up for a West Coast Tour and see why California is always a good idea!


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