Why Study English?

Why choose Language on Vacation?

The English language is a commonly used language around the world. In addition to the native-English speaking countries such as America, England, and Australia, English is the second language of Germany, Norway and Sweden. When people from different countries gather, English is often the common language used to communicate. It is the language of tourism, science, film, sport conventions, and the internet. By learning and being able to communicate in English, you will be able to open yourself to a plethora of possibilities.

Man with book learning EnglishEnglish can help you travel around the world! In addition to the 60 nations of the world who use English as their first language, English is the language of tourism. While traveling abroad, you will find English is often used by airlines, tour guides, and vendors. You will be able to ask for information and listen to the stories of the tour guides while on vacation.

English is the language often used in business. If you are able to communicate in English, you might be chosen to attend an international meeting for your company. You could be the one selected to speak with customers or vendors giving you more opportunities to network with companies from other countries. There’s a chance you’ll be the one to represent your company to the world making you a more valuable asset to your company.

Learning a foreign language, especially a difficult language like English, is a challenging activity. By becoming fluent in a foreign language, you demonstrate that you can work hard, remember new ideas and apply your new knowledge to the world. It shows that you can handle difficult situations. You can complete a complicated task when you put your mind to it. It makes you more worldly and desirable to international companies.

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