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IDIOM – get the ball rolling


(Idiom, slang) – to start a new process, to start an activity, or a series of events

Student A: We should travel to America!
Student B: We have been talking about going to America for 5 years, but we never do anything about it.
Student A: Well let’s get the ball rolling! You book the hotels and I’ll book the airfare and we’ll go to the American consulate to get our travel visas together!

Try to create your own examples in the comments section below!

get the ball rolling

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TRAVEL – Souvenirs

Many people buy souvenirs when they travel. Sometimes they buy a souvenir for a friend back home or sometimes they buy one for themselves as a way to remember the fun times they had on vacation.

I’ve collected quite a few souvenirs over the years. I used to collect theme park souvenir cups. These were great souvenirs as they usually allowed free refills of soda while I was at the theme park.

Then I started to collect magnets from the various places I had visited. Sometimes I put them on my refrigerator and sometimes I displayed them at my work desk. They were functional as they would display important papers on my desk or at home, and they were also a quick reminder of the places I had visited.

Then I started to collect jewelry from my travels. This was a fantastic idea because I could wear the jewelry any day while I was back home and when people would comment on my necklace, or earring, or bracelet and asked where I got it, I could respond with: “Oh, I got it in New Zealand!” or “I found this when exploring London.”

One of the very best souvenirs I bought was a photo package from Kyoto. I went to the Gion District of Kyoto which is famous for its historic Geisha neighborhood. First, I got to dress up like a geisha with the makeup, hair, and kimono. Then a photographer and I went out into the streets of Kyoto and she took a series of pictures of me. It is such a fantastic memory of my transformation from average tourist to geisha tourist.

What souvenirs do you collect when you travel? Please tell me your answers in the comments section below.