VOCABULARY – doggie bag


(noun, slang) – food that was ordered in restaurant but taken home to finish eating; food that was not completely eaten at the restaurant and put into a bag or a box to be finished at home or given to the dog.

Example #1:
Waiter:  You still have food on your plate.  Do you want to keep eating here or do you want to take it home to eat?
Customer:  I want to take it home.  Can you please put it in a doggie bag?

Example #2:
Customer #1:  This food is so delicious!  But I can’t eat anymore.
Customer #2:  You should ask the waiter for a doggie bag so you can eat it for lunch tomorrow.

Post your own examples of DOGGIE BAG in the comments section below.

The portions of food in the United States are huge!  Travel with Language on Vacation and take a doggie bag to your hotel for a midnight snack!

doggie bag

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