Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What level of English should I have?
Answer: All students should have a minimum of Intermediate level of English skills.

Question: Do I have to sign up with a friend?
Answer: No, Language on Vacation will pair solo travelers together to share accommodations with other travelers of the same sex.  You will be able to practice English and travel America with new friends!  However, if you refer a friend to Language on Vacation, you will receive a $100USD referral bonus upon completion of their tour.

Question: How do I confirm a tour?
Answer: Please use the “Contact Us” page and inform Language on Vacation which tour and date you are interested in. You will receive an email with a link for a deposit payment.

Question: I just booked my tour and paid my deposit! Should I buy my airplane ticket now?
Answer: No, not yet. Please wait until 60 days for a “Ready to Go” email from Language on Vacation. All tours are based on double occupancy. If double occupancy is not met, a tour will not go.

Question: What will happen to my deposit if the tour doesn’t go?
Answer: Your deposit will be forwarded to another tour or date. Your deposit can also be applied to a single supplement for your desired tour.

Question: What is a single supplement?
Answer: If you prefer to not share a hotel room with another student, you can pay a single supplement and have a room all to yourself.

Question: What if the tour I want isn’t offered during the dates I want?
Answer: The tours have been scheduled to use the best weather options in America. For safety reasons, Language on Vacation will not drive in the snow or other inclement weather. There are some areas of America that are uncomfortably hot during the summer so Language on Vacation will be avoiding those places as well.

If you want to go on a specific tour at a different time, please contact Language on Vacation.  It is possible to change the schedule.

Question:  How old are students travelling with Language on Vacation?
Answer: Due to US laws, all students between the ages of 21-99 are welcome to travel with Language on Vacation.
Special accommodations can be made for students aged 18+ on a case-by-case basis. For these students, Language on Vacation suggests the Orlando or East Coast Tour.

Question:  Are the cars safe?
Answer:  Language on Vacation rents vehicles from trusted rental agencies so all cars are only a year old and still under a manufacturer warranty.

Question:  Will you help me get a visa?
Answer:  Language on Vacation requests that you get a 90-day tourist visa.  These are easy to obtain for most countries.  Language on Vacation will provide hotel confirmations as part of a visa requirement.  However, Language on Vacation will not assist with student visa applications.

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