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Language on Vacation gives students the opportunity to travel around America and the time to properly study English in a small group (and sometimes private) setting.  Students will be able to travel to 4 or 5 different cities around America and practice their English speaking skills with the predominantly English-speaking American people.  Students will also have the opportunity to practice their Listening, Speaking, Grammar, Reading, and Writing skills.

Sheryl DiplomaMy name is Sheryl Wilkin and I have been teaching English as a foreign language since 2007.  I received my TEFL certificate (Certificate to Teach English as a Foreign Language) in Firenze, Italy and immediately started teaching in Rome.  I have also taught English in Seattle, USA and Yokohama, Japan.  I really enjoy teaching English as a foreign language because it gives me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn more about their culture, and in turn, teach them more about mine.

While I was teaching in Italy and Japan, I noticed that while the students were eager to learn in class, it was often the only time they spoke English.  After they left their classroom, they reverted back to their native language and didn’t practice. They didn’t have the opportunities to speak English in everyday activities and situations in their native countries.

While I taught in the USA, I was hopeful that when my students left the classroom, they would speak with the American people and practice the language they learned in class.  However, I often found that after school, my students would meet with friends from their native country and often reverted back to their native language.  They barely spoke to the American people surrounding them as perhaps they lacked the confidence to engage with the American public and practice the skills they learned in school.

I spoke to my students about their opportunities to travel abroad and while they all expressed a desire to visit America, I was often sad to hear that their once-in-a-lifetime-trip would be to only one American city.  The United States of America is a vast country.  The east coast is very different from the west coast, and the coasts are very different from middle America.  I didn’t want my students to go to one city in America and assume that all of America was like that one city.

Teaching StarbucksWith Language on Vacation, I want students to have the opportunity to learn English and apply their new skills immediately and with confidence in a variety of cities around America.  Every morning, students will learn English that they can use in the afternoon while they travel in America.  Rather than students exploring the American culture by themselves, they will have a TEFL-certified teacher behind them as they order their breakfast, ask for recommendations, get directions, and share the experiences of their own native culture with the American people.  The teacher will coach and guide the student regarding their conversations with the Americans and offer feedback after conversations are completed.

20141026_174136Language on Vacation is a fun adventure that combines American tourism with English language lessons.  Students will embark on a road trip around America that will allow them to see more than just one American city and practice the English-speaking skills they learned.

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