TRAVEL – Comfortable on a plane

It is important to be comfortable when on an airplane. Sometimes you are on a plane for a long time and you need to remain comfortable throughout the flight.

What should you wear on a flight?

I have flown over oceans and continents. The longest time I have ever spent in an airplane was for 14 hours from Los Angeles, USA to Sydney, Australia. I wore yoga pants, a long t-shirt, and clogs.* I looked very casual but was comfortable and presentable.

Recently, I have often been travelling from Seattle, USA to Tokyo, Japan. I don’t wear yoga pants anymore but I wear pajama jeans instead. I love my pajama jeans. They look like regular jeans, but they aren’t tight around my waist and they stretch. They are very comfortable and practical for traveling.

What do you wear when you travel?

Write your answers in the comments section below.

*clogs = a shoe that often has a thick sole


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